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Mar 8, 2011

AYAC supports calls for increase in Newstart and Youth Allowance

AYAC strongly endorses the issues raised by ACOSS in the in its recent Media Release highlighting the widening gap between allowance payments and pensions because of unfair indexation rates.

Young people on Youth Allowance also suffer from unfair indexation because it is only indexed once per year compared with twice a year for pension payments.

Action needs to be taken to prevent disadvantaged Australians falling further below the poverty line.

ACOSS Media release More than 600,000 unemployed Australians risk falling further into poverty.

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The Australian Government has confirmed that AYAC’s funding will not continue after 1 July 2014. In spite of this, AYAC remains committed to serving the youth affairs field by providing an independent national voice and strengthening the youth sector.

However, we need your help to kickstart our new model and achieve future sustainability. Head to www.chuffed.org/project/support-ayacs-future to show your support!

May 14, 2014