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AYAC 2013 Conference Program Updates - DRAFT


AYAC 2013 will be epic.  Here's why.

The AYAC 2013 conference team will be pulling together a broad range of speakers, presenters, thought-leaders for an amazing three days with 400 youth affairs sector representatives from across Australia.

We've come up with a program structure that will have something for everyone attending, from young people who are interested and active on the most pressing social issues facing young Australians, through to youth service workers and managers and those of you interested in getting young people involved in every part of Australian life.

2013 is a significant time for the Australian youth sector. More young people will vote this year than ever before, meaning youth issues genuinely have the power to shape the election this September. This conference provides a forum for policy makers, advocates, researchers, youth sector workers and young people, to come together and discuss how we're going to put youth affairs at the forefront of Australia’s national agenda.

AYAC 2013 - Program Structure

The AYAC 2013 Conference Program will bring together all the areas of interest that the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition touches on in our work every day on behalf of the national youth affairs sector. So, we thought it'd be a good idea to link the conference structure to the way we strategically organise our work - through the AYAC Strategic Plan.

The major themes of our Strategic Plan will be the themes of AYAC 2013:

  • Day One - Build Youth Participation - plenaries and other sessions on this theme will focus on building the participation of young people in decisions that affect them, including they way that services are provided to them, how they participate in decisions now that will shape Australia's future and taking part in topics not traditionally seen as youth issues during the election.
  • Day Two - Advocate for Change - plenary sessions on this day will focus on achieving change on the most important of the youth issues contained in the AYAC Policy Platform. The day will involve panels of ministers and members of parliament to discuss what needs to change. We'll also be inviting national media - so make sure you look schmick!
  • Day Three - Support the Sector / Drive Research for Better Practice - this day will focus on developing the skills and knowledge-base across the youth affairs sector, showcasing the best work and research in the sector, and even looking at how we can support the sector to take care of itself. Expect a whole lot of youth sector love in the room!

While we're in Adelaide, would couldn't resist the opportunity to showcase the great things happening in South Australia, from local young artists and performers being featured during the down-time in the program, and possible visits to local youth services organised by our friends at the Youth Affairs Council of SA!

This page will be updated weekly with new information, so keep coming back here to be sure you're in the loop as conference program news is released!