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Presenter Info & Expression of Interest Form

You'd look great up on stage.

Unfortunately, you've missed the final round of applications, which closed at midnight (AEST) on Monday, 6th May 2013.

If you're interested in knowing what presentations we were looking for, download our Presenter Guidelines / Expression of Interest Form or read on below. Think of it as a time capsule -- giving you insights into what could have been...

About the AYAC 2013 National Youth Affairs Conference:

AYAC 2013 will be an opportunity for the four corners of the youth affairs sector to connect, have fun, hear more about what we can learn from the latest research and innovative programs, learn from each other & influence the national debate on young people and youth affairs.

AYAC will use the National Youth Affairs Conference as a platform to drive action at the federal level across the four conference themes (see below). AYAC 2013 will also be an opportunity to facilitate dialogues with partners and up-skill conference attendees about how we can have combined impact in these important areas in their local communities and at the government level.

For more information, check out www.ayac.org.au/ayac2013

What kinds of workshops / presentations are AYAC looking for?

Workshops and presentations will take place during four concurrent sessions at AYAC 2013. As such, most workshops & presentations will need to be able to accommodate between 100 - 150 participants. Smaller workshops may still be considered - however please note that this will be dependent on space and the mix of workshops / presentations available in the program.

Workshop / presentation sessions lengths in the draft program are 45mins (including 5 mins for changeover between sessions) however there will be capacity for sessions that are 30 min, 60 min and 90 min in length.

AYAC is looking for a combination of interactive skills based workshops (that are fun), insightful presentations on the most cutting edge research on youth affairs, and other sessions that build on the knowledge & skills of participants and challenge their attitudes & opinions in useful ways.

Potential presenters are encouraged to think about the outcomes for participants in your workshop / presentation in these areas. As such, sessions that merely showcase the successes of particular initiatives and programs are not likely to be chosen.

Who will be the audience at AYAC 2013?

AYAC 2013 will bring together 400 representatives from the youth affairs sector for three days that celebrate what our field brings to the Australian community. There are six main target groups within the youth affairs sector that will form part of AYAC 2013. They are:

  1. Young people engaged in youth-led or youth-focused organisations
  2. Young people interested and active on social issues that AYAC works on
  3. Youth service workers - including youth workers, youth development workers and other professionals that work to support young people
  4. Youth service managers
  5. Youth policy workers - including government representatives, youth-related peaks bodies, etc.
  6. Youth researchers and academics

AYAC anticipates that the conference will attract a mix of these groups as follows:

  • 30% young people from youth organisations or youth activists
  • 45% Youth service workers and managers
  • 25% Youth policy workers and researchers

What are the themes for AYAC 2013?

With the federal election to take place on 14th September this year, it will be more important than ever that AYAC 2013 provides a platform for emerging youth issues to find their place on the national agenda. The conference and its themes will contribute to AYAC’s key goals under its strategic plan and therefore, some preference will be given to workshops that align with these goals.

(However, if your proposed session is amazing and will be of great benefit to AYAC 2013 participants, then we still want to hear from you!)

The areas of the AYAC Strategic Plan to be covered during AYAC 2013 are as follows:

1. Build youth participation

AYAC’s goal: Young people have opportunities to participate in decisions about all areas of Australian communities and society.

AYAC’s targets include:

  • Young people are supported to participate in discussion, debate and public policy development at the national level
  • Young people become skilled and confident in advocacy
  • The right of young people to participate in all aspects of Australian life is promoted and advocated

2. Support the youth sector

AYAC’s goal: The youth support sector is unified, well-resourced and professional.

AYAC’s targets include:

  • The youth sector has a unified voice at the national level that represents the interests of youth workers and services and the young people they work with
  • Youth programs and services are based on a growing understanding of what works in youth engagement and positive youth development
  • The sector is supported by mechanisms that aid professionalism

3. Advocate for change

AYAC’s goal: AYAC is acknowledged as a fearless and trusted advocate, working towards positive change for young people and the sector that supports them.

AYAC’s targets include:

  • The needs and interests of our members and the sector are represented and progressed with the government
  • The sector contributes to national debate, policy development and change in the most effective ways possible
  • An effective conduit is maintained for information flow between the government, our members and the broader youth sector

4. Drive research for better practice

AYAC’s goal: AYAC undertakes and supports research and development activities that lead to better services, strong policy positions and effective engagement of young people.

AYAC’s targets include:

  • Our research and policy program meets the needs of the youth sector and informs good practice
  • We capitalise on opportunities to influence national discussion, debate and policy development on matters affecting young people and the youth sector
  • We contribute to the development of a body-of-evidence about best practice in the youth sector, particularly in the area of engaging young people.

More information on these goals and the full list of targets and priorities of AYAC can be found in the AYAC Strategic Plan - http://www.ayac.org.au/about/our-vision-and-plan.html

What issues will be covered at AYAC 2013?

With so many issues affecting the lives of young Australians every day, it’s difficult to come up with a comprehensive list of topics that are likely to be covered during AYAC 2013.

The AYAC Policy Platform provides a useful starting point for presenters considering which issues they might want to discuss during their workshops / presentations. The AYAC Policy Platform was developed through 18 months of consultation with the youth affairs sector during AYAC’s establishment period and deals with the 20 top issues as identified by our stakeholders.

The issues from the AYAC Policy Platform are listed in below (in no particular order):

AYAC’s full policy platform, including our positions on each of the issues listed above, can be accessed here - http://www.ayac.org.au/reports/ayac-policy-platform.html

How do I apply?

Sorry - too late. *sad face*

Download our Presenter Guidelines / Expression of Interest Form ( pdfdocxdoc ) and send the completed form back to us by the deadlines shown.

Thanks for your interest in AYAC 2013. Looking forward to three jam-packed days in Adelaide!