AYAC National Youth Work Snapshot 2013

AYAC Youth Work Snapshot 2013

For many years, the youth work sector across Australia has been speaking out about the barriers they face to providing the best possible support to young Australians in need. But throughout this period, there has been no body to take their chorus of stories and experiences and paint a clear picture of what it is to be a youth worker… until now.

The AYAC National Snapshot of Youth Work 2013 – Full Research Report has been created to address this gap in our collective knowledge of youth work and build a solid evidence base to assist in driving forward positive changes for young Australians and the sector that supports them.

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To download your copy of the AYAC National Snapshot of Youth Work 2013 – Full Research Report, please click here (PDF – 4MB)

Please note that this is an updated version of the snapshot report, with additional tables and analysis that was omitted from the previous version. If you’d like a copy of the original snapshot report, please click here or contact AYAC.

The AYAC Snapshot 2013 has provided a strong foundation for the work of AYAC in representing the interests and needs of the youth work sector across Australia, significantly contributing to the following goals in the AYAC Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015:

Strategy Two: Support the Sector

The knowledge contained in the AYAC Snapshot 2013 contributes to our goal of a youth support sector that is unified, well-resourced and professional. It contributes to debates on key industry issues including continuing education and professional development, pay and conditions, the recognition of youth work and promotes the importance of the unique role that youth workers and the youth sector play in the lives of young people. The AYAC Snapshot has allowed AYAC to better advocate for and support the development of a national youth sector workforce development framework and lobby governments to ensure the sector is appropriately resourced and recognised.

Strategy Four: Drive Research for Better Practice

The AYAC Snapshot 2013 represents our major contribution to our goal of undertaking and supporting research and development activities that lead to better services for young Australians. The AYAC Snapshot is an important collaboration between AYAC and the research sector, undertaking insightful research about the sector that supports young people, guided by our membership of youth support services. The research places AYAC at the cutting edge of issues facing the youth sector across Australia and builds upon our reputation as experts on issues affecting young people and the youth sector.

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