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AYAC 2013 Conference Videos


The AYAC 2013 National Youth Affairs Conference brought together over 200 delegates from around Australia for 3 days from the 5th-7th of August 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The team at Vibewire have cut together the best bits from the major plenary sessions for you to enjoy below, or you can check out the AYAC 2013 playlist on YouTube.

AYAC 2013 Highlights

An overview of what was on offer at AYAC 2013 - from participants, keynote speakers and workshop sessions.


Welcome to Kaurna Country & "Beyond Gonski" Education Panel

“We’re gonna be going beyond the dollars and cents equation today to really discuss how we’re going as a nation. A little bit of a snapshot of how you’d grade Australian education. We’re going to explore what our biggest challenges are.”
- Ricky Campbell-Allen

Welcome to Country:
Auntie Josie  //  Kaurna Elder

Panel Chair:
Ricky Campbell-­Allen  //  Director,  Centre for New Public Education

Dale Murray  //  Director,  Edmund Rice Education Australia Youth+
Dean Ashden  //  Independent Education Expert

Conference Opening and Youth Participation Keynote

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is for more people to come alive”
- Adam Pulford

Conference Opening:
Polly Henry  //  Chair,  Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Adam Pulford  //  2013 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations

International Keynote & Building Youth Participation Panel

“Everyone of us in this room has the audacity to think we can create change, some way. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. The audacity to put a fingerprint on someone else’s life. An audacity to want to change society. And I think that’s where real magic happens.”
- John Loughton

International Keynote & Panellist:
John Loughton  //  Founder & Director,  Dare2Lead (UK)

Other Panellists:
David Baker  //  Director of Research,  The Australia Institute
Lauren Moss  //  Co-Founder,  The SkinDeep Project
Viv Benjamin  //  CEO,  The Oaktree Foundation

Panel Chair:
Josh Genner  //  Deputy Director (Young People),  AYAC

"Beyond Bootcamps" Employment Participation Panel

“Employment participation is a key issue that we see before us at the current time. The number of young Australians who get stable and interesting jobs that they enjoy influences not just our economy, but it influences the entire strength of our society”
- The Hon. Kate Ellis MP

“...we want to raise awareness of the need for first jobs for young people. And if you look at that picture you can see that being tipped out of the box from high school - if young people only go from there to the unemployment queue - then we’ve failed”
- Gerrie Mitra

The Hon. Kate Ellis MP  //  Former Minister for Employment Participation & Youth Affairs
David Thompson AM  //  CEO,  Jobs Australia
Gerrie Mitra  //  Deputy CEO,  SYC

Exploring Advocacy & Change Panel

“I think it’s important that when we go into the space of change and advocacy, that we understand what our power is, and that we have it. And too often I think when we talk about young people we go in there thinking that we have none and assuming that young people will always be forgotten by politicians, and it’s just not true.”
- Sam McLean

Sam McLean  //  National Director,  GetUp!
John McTernan  //  Former Communications Director,  Office of Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia
Sara Saleh  //  Media and Public Affairs Coordinator,  Amnesty International

Self Care for Passionate People Panel

"...Self care is also necessary for you to be effective and successful in honouring your professional and personal commitments. So honouring both yourself and the people you work with - be they clients, your colleagues, your boards, your volunteers, whoever they are - but it’s about honouring the commitments you make to one another and being able to do that in the longer term, as passionate people doing very, very important work” 
- Meredith Turnbull

Panel Chair:
Meredith Turnbull  //  Consultant,  Adaptive Projects

Aaron Garth  //  Director of Operations,  Ultimate Youth Worker 
Professor Judith Bessant  //  RMIT


The Future of Youth Affairs Panel


Panel Chair:
Meredith Turnbull  //  Consultant,  Adaptive Projects


Reynato Reodica // AYAC
Jo Taylor  // Dusseldorp Skills Forum
Sebastian Robertson // Batyr and one of Cleo's 50 most eligible Bachelor of the Year 2013