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AYAC Youthmob 2011

AYAC Youthmob 2011

Dance hard.
Speak out.

On Friday 12 August young people across Australia rallied for the first ever “AYAC Youthmob: Dance Hard. Speak Out.” A unique start to the 2011 International Day of Youth, flashmobbers surprised unsuspecting passers-by with an energetic dance routine set to the upbeat Gotye song, “Learnalilgivinanlovin”. The 12 August was the final day of the United Nations International Year of Youth.  The Year recognised the need for decision-makers and the world community to listen and to learn from young people as no group of people is more invested in the future and the long-term impact of government decisions than young people.  In a space where young people's voices are routinely ignored, AYAC hoped that the “Youthmob” would give young people an opportunity to get their message across about what issues are most important them.

Thanks to all who participated in the AYAC Youthmob. You can see the video of some of our Youthmobbers here:


Or follow this link to view on youtube: http://youtu.be/5FEPl0NnUrc

AYAC also received some media coverage of the Youthmob on Triple J’s morning news bulletins.  You can listen to them here and here.

The Youthmobbers  displayed a message about what matters most to them on the International Day of Youth.  Some of the issues that young people were concerned about included:

• Alcohol dependency
• Climate change
• Closing the gap
• Listening to young people’s ideas
• Homelessness
• Mental health
• Stereotyping of young people
• Equal access to education
• Promoting positive body image
• Extreme poverty in developing countries
• Increasing the participation of young people in Australian society

Let’s hope that all Australians hear these important messages from young people.

We also drew the winner of the flip camera and tripod from the groups who participated in the Youthmob.  The lucky winner was Fortune Ruzvidzo from the Brisbane Flashmob. Congratulations Fortune, we hope that you will enjoy recording all your future actions with your new flip camera!

Tell us if you would like AYAC to run more Youthmobs.  Just email admin@ayac.org.au with your details.